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Very Important Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saturday, July 23, 2022, Medugorje, sent by Emilia Mezei
(voice recorded 10 minutes:59 seconds)
I will prepare a video with this very important message!!!

Around 10 p.m., Our Blessed Virgin Mary, our beloved Heavenly Mother wishes to convey to us :
„My dear children, I look at you and My Heart is very saddened that you do not want to change your lives, you do not want to become better, you do not want to fight against your weaknesses, you are indifferent, you do not take seriously this precious time of grace and great blessings, you don’t want to open your hearts fully so that the Holy Spirit can fill you with all the necessary graces you need to remain strong and steadfast in faith and love, you don’t want to fight to acquire stronger graces, you are stagnating in sins, in weakness. My dear children, I have been here with you for more than 41 years, daily I come down from heaven to help you, to intercede for all the necessary graces you need for the salvation of your soul. But unfortunately, very few souls have fully opened their hearts and truly fight against evil, weaknesses and struggle to win once and for all the Crown of Life of Eternal Happiness.

My dear children, you must be aware that life on earth is very fleeting and that eternal life is worth fighting for, worth every sacrifice, every suffering,… it is worth it to win once and for all Paradise, Eternal Happiness.

I am with you and My Heart is very saddened that in all the messages for over 41 years I have been telling you; TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER SINCERELY, TO MAKE PEACE WITH ONE ANOTHER, TO FORGIVE FROM THE HEART, but unfortunately many, even Christians have hardened their hearts because of trials and sufferings. You must be aware that WITHOUT THE CROSS THERE IS NO MERCY.

Without suffering you cannot obtain stronger graces. Trust in God, trust in my Beloved Son who, as He has given you, is with you and will remain with you always, to the end of the age. My Beloved Son is with you day after day and is waiting for you in the Holy Tabernacle, to come to Him with a heart full of repentance and love. Come, for He is the fountain of life, He is your peace, your hope, your salvation, your happiness. Come to My Beloved Son who is thirsty for your souls, suffering greatly even because of the beloved Priests who are indifferent. They don’t want to really fight for souls, for the Church, for justice, for truth, they don’t want to fight.
Only very few souls, very few priests, have truly open hearts. I want to pass this on to the priests: My dear Priests, don’t be careless, TAKE ATTITUDE AGAINST EVIL, don’t forget, THAT YOU SERVE GOD, My Beloved Son and not man.

Stop bowing your head to lies, fight against evil, if you are indifferent and accept lies and evil, you will become its slaves and slowly, evil will dominate and destroy you. Now, more than ever, it is time to take a stand against evil, especially if you truly love My Beloved Son, remember He is God. I am still with you, the Heavenly Father still allows it, I still beg Him to give me time to be with you, to help you, to intercede for you, to save you. This is still a time of grace, I am still with you, do not be discouraged, fight while I am still with you, while the time of grace still lasts. Fight now, my dear children, my dear Priests, fight, for you are not alone, I am with you, my Beloved Son is with you, you have powerful Angels, the Saints are with you. FIGHT, WHILE THIS TIME OF GRACE LASTS.
If you do not fight and take a stand against evil now, you will regret it very much, it will be too late. Now I am sending through my beloved Child who is also suffering a lot because of many sacrileges that are committed in the church. If you love My Beloved Son, DO NOT COMMIT THIS SACRILEGE ANYMORE, BECAUSE YOU ARE HURTING HIM ESPECIALLY BY ACCEPTING THE HOLY COMMUNION INTO YOUR HAND.

Do not accept this any longer. Nor let the priests accept this if they truly love My Beloved Son, for they will have to suffer and suffer greatly because of this sacrilege.
Thank you, remain in peace and love and do not be afraid, for I am still with you because I love you very much and I want to help you and intercede for you all the necessary graces you need for the salvation of your soul. Do not be afraid. Everything is transitory on earth. May your eyes be turned towards Heaven and may your aim be to strive to win once and for all the crown of life of eternal happiness and may your name be inscribed in the Book of Life. For this fight, do all you can now, while grace still holds, and help your loved ones, your family members, your brothers and sisters who have not yet come to know the infinite love and mercy of the good God and do not know my Beloved Son who sacrificed Himself through terrible torments and is with you and is suffering for you.

For every damned soul we suffer together, because you were created, my dear children, to be happy and free forever. The choice is yours, if you really want to save your souls from eternal damnation and regain Paradise, Eternal Happiness, for which you were created. Abide in peace and love.”
Your beloved heavenly Mother, Queen of heaven, Queen of peace. Thank you.

My dear ones, thank you for reading this very important message and please share!!!
Thank you!
Bless you, Emilia Mezei