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Heavenly Inspiration, VERY IMPORTANT, August 31, 2022, Medjugorje, Emilia Mezei

(voice recorded 7 minutes and 12 seconds)

Today, August 31, 2022, Wednesday, fast day, around 3 o’clock, Inspired by the Holy Spirit, who conveys these thoughts to me:
My dear ones, the evil one is trying to discourage us from fighting against him. Right from the start… that we don’t stand a chance… and unfortunately we humans fall into his trap and don’t fight because we think; what chance do I have to do better… what chance do I have against evil… to win?
Yes, these are the thoughts that the evil one sends to us because he knows, IF ONLY WE TRY TO FIGHT AGAINST HIM, we will win. Evil is indeed powerful.
We don’t stand a chance against it if we fight by our own strength. But let us not forget, that we are not alone, God is with us and when we fight, we fight with God, with the Lord Jesus. And then we will always be victorious.
We are not alone and we do not fight alone, but together with God, with the Holy Spirit, with the Lord Jesus. And then THE EVIL ONE HAS NO CHANCE AGAINST US, no chance to defeat us. So brothers, again I urge you, let us FIGHT AGAINST EVIL, at least let us try, let us NOT FALL INTO HIS TRAP, let us not be disappointed, discouraged, NO, but let us fight, because if we don’t even try to fight, the evil one gradually dominates us even more, mocks and destroys us.


Let’s try to do our best… UNITED… TO FIGHT AGAINST EVIL.


And the evil one, knows this very well, because if we try to fight, WE WILL OVERCOME HIM, because, WITH US IS GOD- OUR Beloved Father.
I send you on this last day of August many greetings, all the best and a blessed new month from here in Medjugorje.
I am Emilia Mezei. Bless you all and fight, fight, fight, no more bowing your heads to lies, to evil, no more letting the evil one dominate us, lie to us, rule us, control us and mock us.

United let us fight against evil, exposing lies, evil and fighting to win. And as has been conveyed, GOD IS WITH US!

Let us be thankful that our Beloved Heavenly Mother, the Queen of Peace is still with us, who as She has foretold; Will crush the Serpent’s Head and Her Immaculate Heart Will Triumph.

Let us trust fully, let us pray, let us do all we can, let us fast, let us be united… UNITED WITH ALL AGAINST EVIL…. as the wicked are united, so are they strong, BECAUSE THE EVIL ARE UNITED IN THEIR EVIL, and we Christians are divided. So, we Christians must be united, in fasting, prayer, to unmask the evil, the lies and to fight against it, especially with the WEAPON OF PRAYER, because this weapon is very powerful, if we pray the ROSARY from the heart, the evil one howls in pain, it is a powerful weapon.

Let us have faith, let us use our rosary, let us pray… at least one rosary offered daily to the intentions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so that we can help as many people as possible to free themselves from the power of the evil one, to find peace, hope, to have faith in a better future.
Let us not let ourselves be deceived and disillusioned by the evil one, BUT FIGHT AGAINST HIM, to have hope, trust, faith and love. And all will be well.
Bless you all!

I love you all. Pray, don’t be disheartened, discouraged. But let us fight against evil, for as I have conveyed, WITH US IS GOD.

And who is like God? When the Lord commands and the devil obeys.

For He is the Creator of heaven and earth.

The problem is, our faith is weak. If we had faith like the bible says, we could move the mountains. (Matthew 17, 14- 23)
Let us have faith and hope and all will be well.

With these thoughts I wish you a blessed new month.. and pray the Novena to Jesus, King of all Nations, for conversion and salvation of all mankind and the Church from the hands of evil, for Peace, for the intentions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and for the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.
Let us pray, let us fast, let us do all we can to weaken the evil forces. Let us not be careless, indifferent,… let us not believe that we have no chance against evil.
WE HAVE A CHANCE IF WE FIGHT… AND WE DO ALL WE CAN… Let us not be indifferent and unconcerned, UNITE NOW, on the last stretch, TO FIGHT AGAINST EVIL, through Fasting, Prayer, Atonement… and to do good works and all we can… TO SAVE THE CHURCH AND ALL OF HUMANITY FROM THE POWER AND INFLUENCE OF EVIL.

Let us be confident… LET US BE A LIGHT… in this dark… hopeless world.

Thank you.
Please share!!!

Have a blessed month with great hopes.
Be hopeful and do not be discouraged.
I love you all.
Stay in Peace and Love.
Bless you, Emilia Mezei