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Mystical event held in the Chapel of the Oasis of Peace, on February 26, 2021, Medugorje

Jesus crucified on the cross wept at the Oasis of Peace in Medugorje (February 26, 2021)
My dear ones, I want to share with you a special moment that took place in the Chapel at the Oasis of Peace, on February 26, 2021, in Medugorje. In this chapel it is exposed a large cross with Lord Jesus Crucified.
During the celebration of the Holy Mass, which was also attended by a group of Romanians, who came on pilgrimage, together with 3 other people from the group we witnessed a special moment, but at the same time it was very sad.
Our eyes fell on the face of our Lord Jesus. A tear was running down on His Face.

As I looked at His face I felt great sadness in my soul and I began to weep at the sight of this heavenly sign. I felt that the Lord Jesus suffered greatly because there is no Peace, Love and Faith in people’s souls, but instead dominate sins, envy, wickedness, hatred.

Lord Jesus also suffers because of the priests, of many condemned souls, the division in the Church and because of many desecrations and sacrileges.

People do not want to accept Peace, they do not want to reconcile with God and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior in their souls and lives and to sincerely forgive their neighbour.

There is much pride, hatred, enmity, division, envy and wickedness. People do not pray and do not have sincere and pure faith in God, that is why FEAR, distrust, anxiety reign in the world.
Thousands of souls are condemned daily and end up in the fire of Hell. That is why Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary weep and suffer greatly. Jesus redeemed every man’s sin.

Just these words would be enough: JESUS, I ACCEPT YOU IN MY LIFE! JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU! And that man’s soul is saved. It’s so simple to save your soul!

Jesus did EVERYTHING for us!

He accepted all the suffering, humiliation, ridicule, for our sake. The ransom of our souls was paid dearly. Jesus revealed to St. Brigitta, at her request, how many wounds He had on His Body, the number of His wounds was 5480.

Interestingly, this impressive moment took place at the Oasis of Peace.

The lack of Peace in people’s souls, in their families, among their fellows and in the whole world, afflicts the two Holy Hearts. Here in Medugorje the Blessed Virgin Mary came as the Queen of Peace, because God wants Peace and Reconciliation.
But very few people have opened their souls to the heavenly urgings of all these 40 years, since our Beloved Heavenly Mother has descended daily from Heaven to help us save our souls and deliver mankind from the hands of evil.

The Holy Mary transmitted
I say to you: Only the holy hands of my beloved priests can touch the Chalice with consecrated hosts and only their hands can distribute Communion!
No more Communion in the hand!

I will show you the pictures and a short video with this moment from the Chapel at the Oasis of Peace.

Jesus wept on the Crucifix of the Oasis of Peace in Medugorje

Pentecost Sunday, 23.05.2021, Divine Inspiration regarding the mystical event of 26.02.2021 held at the Oasis of Peace in Medjugorje

After participating in the Eucharistic Adoration in the Chapel of Apparition, Medugorje, I had this Divine Inspiration:
Jesus dictated me the reason he cried. As I was writing about this Mystical event, Jesus thanked me. You see, God thanks us for every gesture made out of love for Him and for our fellow men.

If God thanks us for every deed done out of love, then we too should thank Him for the HUGE SACRIFICE MADE FOR SAVING OUR SOULS, because He loves us so much.

He loves us unconditionally as we are and is waiting for us, waiting to open our hearts, to receive him in our lives and souls to give us back the Peace, Hope, Joy and Happiness of Eternal Life.

He is waiting our YES: YES, Lord, I LOVE YOU Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of my soul, I LOVE YOU AND I ACCEPT YOU IN MY LIFE AND SOUL and thus we will regain our Peace, Hope and all the good.

God help us!

Be blessed,Emilia Mezei